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Serve the right ads, at the right time, to the right people with targeting technology. A comprehensive digital advertising strategy comprises of both display and search marketing. Through powerful partnerships with local and international publishers and ad serving experts, Mawaqaa Adz uses powerful targeting technology so you can turn prospects into buyers.


The Adz by Mawaqaa Network

Place your ads on leading international and local networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, local blogs and communities and many more.

Reach your customers at their favourite locations.

Mawaqaa's special relationships with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and some of Kuwait's most popular websites means that your products will reach your customers creatively and deliver the return needed.

Define Your Audience

Use powerful tools such as re-marketing, contextual demographic and behavioural targeting, to reach the right people at the right time. Put your ads in front of relevant audiences.

Launch Your Campaign

We will design the ultimate campaign targeted at websites and people that you want your brand exposed to. The all inclusive campaign will include designing world class creatives.

Measure Results

We will design the ultimate campaign targeted at websites and people that you want your brand exposed to. The all inclusive campaign will include designing world class creatives.

Display Solutions

  • Rich Media
  • Video Overlays
  • Smart Ads
  • Enhanced Interactive

Targeting Solutions

  • Geographic
  • Behavioral
  • Demographic
  • ReMarketing

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Advertising Like never before

Invest your money in advertising channels that are sure to get you campaign ROI. With mawaqaa Adz' performance reporting and budget allocations couldn't be easier.

Control your costs by optimizing your campaigns

Every business looks to control costs. Its what lets them invest in things that matter. Advertising on our networks provides you with access to leverage cost saving

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Pay only when someone clicks on your ad. If your goal is to drive traffic to a website, this is the right choice for you. The amount of your bid is a key factor in determining whether your ad is showing in the places where you want, and increasing this bid can improve the chances that your ad will appear. If you choose automatic CPC bidding, you simply set a daily budget of how much you're willing to spend in one day, and let Mawaqaa Adz' partner technology bring you the most clicks possible.

Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

Pay each time your ad is viewed, regardless of clicks. Pricing is per one thousand views: a CPM of $10.00 means you pay one cent each time your ad is displayed ($.01 x 1,000 = $10.00). If you want to show your ad to as many people as possible and you care less about clicks, this may be the right choice for you. Each time you set up an ad group, you can enter a default maximum CPM bid, which is the most you're willing to pay for 1,000 impressions.

Cost Per Acquisition

Pay when you have a lead converted or a purchase made. If you are running an intensive sales oriented campaign, this option may be best suited to your needs.

The Mawaqaa Adz Advantage

technology that will let you focus on more important things- Like growing your business.

Campaign strategy

Design the ultimate campaign strategy

Launch your campaign, sit back and relax. Watch your impressions, clicks and conversions flow in from our large publisher network

Smart Budget

cut your costs in half with online advertising

By knowing exactly where your ads were served and how much it cost you, decision making for your next campaign wil only be that much more informed. This translates into cost savings and higher ROI for your business.

Strategic targeting

It's all about the who, why and where

Targeting lets you take advantage of technology designed to serve relevant ads to consumers based on behavior, location, content or search patterns. This means your money is being spent on ad delivery to the right places at the right time.

Controlled cost

set smart budgets, reap wholesome returns

Based on what you wish to achieve, choosing your strategy is the first step. Having the right strategy means ROI analysis done right


Measure your returns

An online campaign is only as good as its financial rewards. Use professional real time measurement analytics and performance indicators to evaluate your campaign.

Make smarter decisions by knowing exactly where you stand.

Conversion tracking and goal analysis technology lets advertisers evaluate every step of the product buying process, not just the last one. Simply tell us about your buying cycle, and we'll take care of the rest.

Conversion Tracking & Reporting

Goals & Alternate Scenarios

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