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Reach is one element that marketers are looking for when developing their plans, and if your business is not on Facebook you are losing on more than 500 million active users who interact using Facebook to friends and brands. But you don't have to worry, we have an expert team of Facebook application developers who can take you there.

Photo/Video Gallery

Custom Photo/Video Gallery For Contents & Sharing Moments With Friends


  • User can click on thumbnails below and view the photo.
  • Dynamically Displays Photo Gallery.
  • Automatically generates thumbnail page and brow-sable by PREV and NEXT buttons.
  • Automatically gets the new pictures from the pic directory.


  • Automatically applies Site's Design (template/theme).
  • Ability to set custom title.
  • Allows to display custom PREV, NEXT, thumbnails link text.
  • Supports Virtual Paths.


Engage People & Get Answers


  • Enter the question, and any answer choices. You can also customize the wording in the button that places the vote. By default, it will be 'Vote.'
  • You can send invites for people to vote on the poll.
  • Put a closing date on it - like: "Vote by the end of the month!"


  • Live updates of how its tracking (vote counts).
  • Choice to display or not display results.
  • At any time from the poll results page (click "View Results" under the poll, or the Poll application), you can edit or delete the poll.


Ask Questions & Pick A Winner


  • Support for Multiple Question Types.
  • Use true/false, short answer, essay, long answer, check-boxes, yes/no, multiple choice & more.
  • Setting up the questions for the quiz is simple.

Community Application &/or FAQs

Rapid Online Customer-Client Communication


  • It's a rapid online customer - client communication. It's a complete app that allows you to listen, engage, and act on your customers' conversations, practicing better social CRM.
  • The customer can write under 4 categories: Ask Questions, Share an Idea, Report a Problem, Give Praise.
  • Admin Rights - Configure individual Roles and Rights for members and administrators.
  • Email support (mass and individual).
  • Manage Content/Topics.

Store Front

ONE-STOP Solution To Integrate Your Store On Web, Facebook & Mobile


  • Works with your current website store. Any new products added to existing store or any changes made in product specifications, prices etc. appear on Facebook without double entry, using RSS feed from your current online store.
  • Maximize brand awareness by customizing your storefront's banner, skins, and more.


  • Integrate your website with Facebook by adding 'Like' and 'Send' features to your website. Gears towards getting traffic & prospects to your website.
  • Social Features built in throughout the store.
  • Integration into existing back-end systems with your existing merchant account and payment gateway.

QR Codes

Allows User To Read QR Code


  • Ability to gain Facebook Fans or to share vital content on Facebook, is optimized by placing a Social QR Code in your storefront, a receipt, a business card, or a print advertisement, making it very easy for customers and clients to stay in touch.


  • Allows user to read QR code.
  • You can make your own picture gallery after taking live pictures.

Contact Form

Collect Customers Contact Information & A Message on Facebook


  • The Facebook Contact tab has a contact form embedded on its page so fans and potential customers can easily pass you their contact information and a message.
  • The Contact form is very customizable. You can add your business name, phone number, email address, and street address.
  • Send an automated email response.


  • Receive text message notifications.
  • Lead Generation and Contact Management. When page visitors submit the form to you, their contact information is automatically added to a contact in your database. this automated process saves you time and helps your business with contact management. you'll also receive the form submission in an email.

Promotions & Discounts

Leverage Social Referrals To Drive Viral Distribution & Redemption Of Coupon


  • Allow you to brand your apps with the inclusion of your own images and text.
  • The standard app allows you to include 4 coupons on your page.
  • Your promotion can be branded for your brand. You can collect various details from the entrants to your promotion. If your promotion is for a giveaway then you will need to collect contact information as you will want to contact all entrants to announce your winner(s).


  • Monetize your fan base using standard or unique coupon codes.
  • Leverage social referrals to drive viral distribution and redemption of coupons.
  • Choose from group and private deal based coupon.

Subscribe to Newsletter & Blog

Collecting Managing & Segmenting Your Subscribers


  • Add a subscribe form for an existing Facebook page.
  • Collecting, managing, and segmenting your subscribers is a snap.


  • Monetize your fan base using standard or unique coupon codes.
  • Leverage social referrals to drive viral distribution and redemption of coupons.
  • Choose from group and private deal based coupon.


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